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Our Values

As River Church has developed over the past decade there are several simple values that keep our vision alive and growing.

We aim to know Christ Jesus as fully as possible

We must abide in Jesus (John 15) and stay vitally connected to him as individuals, families and as a church. He is our Lord, our Shepherd, our Rescuer. Everything is for Jesus. So we as a church want to know him deeply, and walk intimately with Him every day.

We rely on the fullness of the Holy Spirit

Our simple way of saying all that we do is the working of God’s Spirit among us as we rely on Him for life, victory, guidance and maturity.

We are family

Our way of saying that Christian love in the church body is an essential part of who we are.

We are helping people grow

Another way of saying that we take seriously Jesus’ command to make disciples.

We must matter

Our way of succinctly stating that our presence in our community is important and that our ministry to Norman must be something that draws individuals to Christ.

Heart Attitudes

7 Heart Attitudes have helped us grow wiser and stronger in our love for one another.

We put the needs and interests of others above our own

We live open and honest relationships with one another

We give and receive correction among one another, within scriptural boundaries

We clean up troubled relationships

We participate in the ministry of our church

We support the ministry of our church financially

We follow church leadership, within scriptural boundaries, and make it a joy for them to lead


What we Believe

Learn more about the specific doctrinal beliefs of River Church HERE